Fall Looks I’m Feeling.

Fall Looks I’m Feeling.

If you know me, you know I LOVE SUMMER. I love the heat, sunshine, swimming and I dread the cold weather, chilly wind gusts, rain, and waking up when its dark outside. But, my heart has a mind of its own, and it is so happy when it sees FALL clothing. There is something so attractive about a complete look with layers, socks and booties, and scarfs. Oh yeah, and beanies… how can I forget beanies cause have yall seen the ponytail beanies? They were made for people like me who don’t wanna fix their hair, and just like to throw it up in one of those beanies, and wa-lah, it looks cute and semi- put together.  

So heres the deal… this mama eats a lot of macarons, and drinks a lot of Dr. Pepper so I love being able to cover up any of that extra flab with those many layers! I love tunics, cinched waists, throwing on a button down over my tanks, and LEGGINGS. I don’t care if I’m basic AF, butter soft leggings are the absolute bomb and I wanna be buried in them.

I may not always look put together, but I know a great outfit and trend when I see one. So, with that awesome introduction, these are my top 5 fave looks or trends that I am loving so far this year that I think you guys can appreciate.

  1. Cut Out Booties – Love that sexy ankle bone and showing it off 😊

champagne booties

  1. Comfy Tee’s in Heathered Colors – Nothing like dressing cute while wearing something comfortable still!

  1. Mustard Everything! – I don’t care what your hair color or skin color is, mustard is in for everyone this year.


  1. Caged Necklines – Such an Attractive Twist on just basic layers!


  1. Soft and Comfy Cardigans or Vests – Always pack a cardigan! You never know when its going to be FREEZING and these are perfect for throwing over your outfits!

So writing about this stuff is always fun, but the best part about my job is seeing what is coming before it hits any store including my shops. It is easy to know what is actually a trend or just hype, and I have quicker insight to know what is working or not, while getting to see it on lots of body styles.

Most of these are comfy, and casual everyday looks that you could wear to work, school, dinner, or even dress up for a night out. Mix and match them with your basics or other fall faves, or wear them all at once and rock out girlie, and tag me in that pic! 😊  


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