Haters make us Famous.

Haters make us Famous.

Are you perfect? Probably so.  But you probably oversleep some days, or have burned some bridges along your way, or have some cellulite on them thighs. You have probably let people down before, even when you have tried your hardest not to or cuss more than what you should. I know I damn sure do.
Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna Potate.
If you aren’t perfect – how can we possibly expect anyone else walking around here to be? The second I find myself so bugged at Susan who posts another damn selfie on Instagram, or at Holly for always going above and beyond for her kids school projects, or Jane for getting back with that stupid jerk boyfriend – I am just as guilty of judging people for their decisions and expecting them to be better people like they need to be perfect or something.
Sometimes we all get sucked into other peoples negativity and want to shake people for those “bad” choices and say “HOLY crapola, that guy is such a douche-knuckle, why would you ever go back to him?!!”
But… there are always two sides to every story. And you simply may not know the whole story.
I have learned that some people choose to forgive, some choose to fight, and some people choose to settle.
No matter what type of people you know, and don’t necessarily agree with, I just need more people to chill out some and stop being so personally offended by what these other people choose to do, and just keep scrolling. Quit HATING on everyone and finding the negative in everything.
“I don’t want to be controversial but guns, abortions, black lives matter, Trump, atheism” (-Allan Mount)
This quote is meant to be funny but literally is what I see all down my Facebook feed. Grown ass adults ganging up on people to argue about Donald Trump, Breastfeeding, Vaccinating, Dieting, You name it! Everyone has to give their opinion, warranted or not. Can we just all have a mutual understanding that we don’t have to agree on everything to get along, and not be offended that someone could possibly think differently than you?
Me personally ---- I get that not everyone is going to like me or my opinion. I just accepted that early on in life that some people are just straight up HATERS who you will never please. I try hard to be an adult and civil even to those people who I know don’t like me, or I don’t particularly care for them either. It is so hard to keep my tongue in cheek especially when people choose to take their opinion or dislike public, but then what makes me any different than them?  
I just wish I was seeing more positivity on social media, and in real life… More support for a friend or family member starting a new business, more Kudos to someone who shares every picture of their cute kid, or another damn selfie.
Did you happen to see how all the girls on this season of The Bachelor are besties even though they just went through hell trying to date the same guy? They all are friends now (maybe in their mutual hatred for that guy), but none the less they are all there cheering on each other.  And that, is what made me want to write this post. I want to be more like those girls… and I want other girls I know to try to do the same. Negativity spreads so easily and for us to get along better, we need to try something else.  
Be careful with what opinions you broadcast, or share with people anyway. Someone who is your friend today, could very well betray you tomorrow. Not only that but nowadays there is a fine line between your opinion and what is considered Libel, Slander, or even hate speech.
That is my current mantra. Letting go of the negativity by walking away from it, and trying to find more positive things to focus on instead. People have a habit of destroying themselves anyway.  So my opinion of their ridiculousness isn’t going to change much anyway.
So my days of wishing there was an EYE ROLL button instead of the LIKE button on Facebook are done. I am going to spread more laughter, feel goods, and kudos to those in my circle. I would hope you want to do the same and end all that hatin’.
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Yeessssss!!! ??
I am with you! Let’s spread JOY and not HATE/BITTERNESS. Love you Roxy and love this! ?

WaLinda Parsons

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