Redneck in the Big Apple

Redneck in the Big Apple

Sometimes I have good ideas and sometimes, I do not.

I like to get out of dodge if given the chance. But I loathe cold weather and feeling super crowded. So why did I decide to book a trip to New York, around the WINTER HOLIDAY season? I am still trying to figure out the answer.

I learned a lot about New York culture though and have a new respect for how New York has really shaped America and fashion. After less than a week of walking the streets, it was easy to see how there is a great love for the arts there, which you do not see much of in Southeast Texas.

Obviously, I felt inspired by the fashion and architecture of the city that I felt the need to bring it back home with me. I was able to meet with a couple new wholesalers and pick up a brand new line of Jewelry, that I consequently called “City Girl”.

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What do you do when you don’t plan ahead?

I travel on a whim much like I live my day to day life.  Maybe it’s the fear of commitment to plans or that I just find sleeping in on a vacation as the best part. So yeah…. basically we planned to just wing New York City.

We started by walking down to Times Square. I had booked a hotel (Hotel Chandelier) close by so we could be pretty close to everything that people say are “must-see’s”. Time Square was exactly what I expected; Chaos. Matter of fact, most of the trip was chaos!

We waited in long lines, in the freezing cold, and when we took a tour bus to the Museum of the City of New York, we apparently missed the pickup time to get back. Yah, I hate to admit but we ended up using Uber a lot more than planned.

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Me and my hubby had to experience the Roxy Diner, I mean my name was on the door. I’m no food critic but…. the local Waffle House has better food than the $18 omelet I ate... and a lot cheaper.

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We planned a morning at the Museum of Modern Art which turned out to be a slightly pornographic maze of photographs from the 1980’s, a cool exhibit about refugees around the world, and a 1976 Jaguar XJ6 which I suppose is considered art? My husband says it was the only cool part, that was actual art, and something about James Bond?

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We checked out Central Park very briefly and decided we were tired of being cold. Pretty much the same story for the Statue of Liberty too. I genuinely want to know...How do people handle the cold and rain like that? I am officially spoiled on SETX’s mild weather conditions (Minus the tornado's, hurricanes, and flooding).

So even by not planning ahead, we managed to fit all of that in! We also rode on the famous New York Subway, saw an off Broadway play (Humans), hung out with some friends at a speak easy bar, and most importantly, we got lots of shopping done!

Oh, Oh.. and I got to do something I’ve always wanted to do! I went to a “Blo” bar where they wash and style your hair for you!  In another life I imagine I was good with hair. In this one, I am not. I seriously wish I could wake up everyone morning and pay someone else to always fix my hair for me.  

I guess the last real highlight of the trip was that I ate the most delicious grilled cornbread ever at this place called Mexicue. I am still daydreaming about this cornbread yall. Maybe it’s the redneck in me.

The lowest point of the trip though was that it ended with me getting food poisoning from some shoddy Italian restaurant. I guess I should’ve at least checked Yelp first before listening to the Uber driver for a restaurant recommendation. There was only 2 other people in the restaurant so I should've known better.

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Luckily, we avoided the craziness of New Years Eve Day in New York City and headed back home just in time. Sadly, we didn’t get to be pushed around all day by a mob of New Yorkers waiting to see Mariah Carey perfectly wrap up 2016 for all that it really was! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I guess there is always next year.
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