Sweet Bee Boutique and Desserts

Sweet Bee Boutique and Desserts

I do things backwards. 

- Opens online only jewelry store so I can save on overhead, travel, worry less and not have all the stresses of owning a full on business. 

- Diversifies line-up after a series of setbacks like Etsy closing my shop (story for another blog post later). Add a bigger lineup than just floating lockets and dainty jewelry. Go bold or go home. 

- Starts pushing web traffic to outside websites like Jane, Groopdealz, 11th Avenue, Sassy Steals, and realize we hate losing such a huge portion of our profits and doing just as much work. 

- Starts trying to recoup traffic by launching whole new website platform which caters to social media marketing . 

- Decides must sell clothes and more too to grow even bigger. 

- Clothes take over my house. Grows out of home office VERY quickly. Instead of looking for a warehouse to store merchandise- we decide to go ahead and open a full functioning brick and mortar retail location so our local friends and fans can shop whenever. 

- TAKE IT A STEP FURTHER to be able to offer something new and refreshing with our Boutique to make sure people come in more often. Take my experience from a college entrepreneurship course class project where I had to start a business using $1.00, and decided to go all out and offer DESSERTS too. I basically picked all my favorite desserts from travels and different points in life - and came up with a menu that way. 

- QUITS full time marketing job and now I own a Dessert and Boutique Shop. I still can't believe I did this and am actually working for myself now... But Sweet Bee's doesn't even feel like work. It feels like part of who I am. 

Anyway, I am in the process of merging our QTcutie Jewelry Brand into the Sweet Bee Boutique website just to make it easier for all of our customers to find us. If you see a mixture of old QTcutie marketing materials with your purchase just know - its all the same people making this business tick and we still offer wholesale pricing on our jewelry to our other boutique customers! :) 


 sweet bee models


BONUS: - A lot of people as how I came up with the name Sweet Bee? Well I could not for the life of me come up with the right name to describe this cross-over shop. I had narrowed it down to Dulce, Delcious, Sweet Stuff, and it just wasn't right. I played with logos for like 8 days straight until my eyeballs hurt - which I may have legit damaged my eyesight - but nothing was coming together. Finally, one night when reading the entire internet instead of sleeping, I saw an article about how 1/3 of food is only possible with the helps of Bees and how we should be worried that they are dying out. They are being killed by pesticides, etc. The light bulbs went off in my head - we could donate a small portion to help save the bees. We even sell local honey to help support the people who keep those Bee's happy and thriving. It just happened to be fate that Bee's make honey which is sweet and that was already on my mind. So Boom- Sweet Bee was born. The fact that there was a Bee Emoji sealed the deal and I finally could move on to the next thing. :) 

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