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Ever felt like you were on top of the world and like you were unstoppable? The kind of fulfillment people talk about that doesn’t even feel like I work? When I worked in Sales and spent my days helping people, and getting compensated good money to talk to people all day, I had that feeling frequently.

Maybe I loved sales because of the goal setting and achieving… maybe it was meeting new people constantly and also catching up with old friends... or maybe it was just the void in my life being filled with something I didn’t hate.

Anyway, despite opening my own business and growing our brand with the Bridge City and Lumberton locations, adding Our Mobile Boutique, The Warehouse for Dirty Bee, and now a Nederland location – I still feel a small hole in my heart.

Real talk here, it could be the hole that has yet to be filled with the happiness of another child, although Aaron and I have hoped for the last several years to conceive. We don’t talk about this much because we stay busy and distracted but it is something we both get our hopes up for every month.

So, recently, when a unique opportunity in outside sales presented itself recently, I said what the hell and went for it. We have an awesome team of people at Sweet Bee who run the day to day, and my incredible and supportive husband who decided he would step in and help with more of what I usually manage, so I could find that fulfillment I was seeking again.

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So this new job of mine is more of a hunting sales position, where I have to find opportunities, which puts me out in the streets all day meeting business owners, all over South East Texas. And rather than writing a million Facebook posts about each one, I thought maybe I would start doing my favorite little shopping or food spots I run into in each city around here as I go.

So lets kick things off with my local stomping grounds, in Bridge City, Texas.

Sweet Bee Boutique & Desserts – it would be unjust in not including my favorite Boutique and Dessert shop in this post, Sweet Bee, even if it is a little self-promoting. But instead of doting on how awesome the owner probably is :P I want to talk about how awesome the customers are instead. Walk in and you will probably see someone you know, who will gladly help you pick a new outfit if one of the awesome employees happens to be busy, and they will have no problem telling you which cupcake in a jar is their favorite.

Brewitas – Need a good breakfast? How about a waffle on a stick with alllll the fixings? Then this new little shop which offers up coffee and from what I hear, cocktails are coming soon, is a cute little place to stop in and get your morning started.

Best Day Spa – The newest and most versatile day spa in Bridge City. Massages, Hair, and even Cool Sculpting Services under one roof. The gals here are always offering up the latest in what girls really want – a day of pampering and relaxation.

Merle Norman – Home to some of my favorite Makeup products and Makeup Artists under one roof. Not to mention, the newly licensed esthetician True Beauty by Tierney, also has a cool studio in there ready to coat your face in jelly. They will give you a 2020 makeover, that is just what us gals need, who didn’t grow up knowing what contouring is.

The Stuffed Mushroom – Watching this business bloom and recently grow big enough to move into their own location on Texas Ave has been a treat for the locals. But most go back for the gourmet salads, sandwiches or casseroles you can’t find anywhere else.

Trendz – With a fresh coat of paint on the outside, and tons of new décor, gift items, and of course gorgeous floral arrangements – this shop will brighten your mood. The owner has a heart of gold and would literally go with out sleep to make sure funeral spreads are perfect, wedding bouquets are the perfect color, or get well soon arrangements are delivered quick.

Judices Cajun Cafe – If you’re looking for some old-fashioned Cajun food like Boudin Balls, Beignets, Gumbo, or Crawfish that has an ambience of a family get together, this is a good dinner spot to check out. The waitresses call you baby and make sure you Sweet Tea cup stays full. The crawfish hits just right with the seasoning too.

Twisted Vinyl – If you need vinyl for your own craft project or you want to have someone else step in and do a custom and quick tee shirt, these girls will usually help you out. They are friendly and take pride in creating their own art instead of ripping off original designers.  They also are part of the local Sip & Shops that help other small businesses get their starts.

Roots Hair Salon  – Newly opened hair salon that is huge and welcoming, and staffed with eager stylists who have been trained in the latest and greatest methods. I’ve heard the owner, who is also a stylist, is the master of Blonde hair which is hard to find.

Texas Ave Tavern - If you need a local place to unwind with a nice cold beer, you must stop in under the bridge, at Texas Tavern. Complete with some Karaoke or a live band for your entertainment needs, and pool tables – it’s the place where locals go to perk up after a long work day or meet their friends on the weekend.

Basically, this city is full of great local businesses that you just cant find anywhere and they also have a cute city park with a splash pad, and I’m proud to call it home. I'm also proud of the community and the local chamber of commerce who make sure that everyone gets some help with chasing their dreams of entrepreneurship.

You need to make it a destination one day to head over to Bridge City and check out some of these, and this city will definitely need a round 2 but that should be a good start. 

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