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Confessions of a Jewelry Opportunist?

Confessions of a Jewelry Opportunist?

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Before I started QTcutie Boutique, I would spend lots of my hard-earned money (from hustling and selling lots of cell phones) on buying lots of jewelry, clothes, and anything else that had a shiny package. I worked too dang hard, and put up with all levels of frustrating people ranging from those guys who really did have “bubba-teeth” and you can’t understand a lick of what they are saying, to the most demanding “manager style haircut” ladies who were never ever wrong. Basically, I got paid to suck it up, not take anything personal, and develop meaningful enough relationships within five minutes of meeting someone, where I could influence them to buy something and leave a happy camper.

BOY I HAVE SOME STORIES! I will save those for another time though.

So, I spent my days dreading work and wondering if I really went to four years of college, busted my A for a business degree, took every course possible on Marketing, only to end up working retail forever?


I was interviewing for a promotion to business sales, *Fancy* when I was asked the question “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I did the usual interview bull spit response on “hopefully finding success in the position I just knew I would be perfect for and then working my way up that corporate ladder”. Sadly, I almost believed the words coming out of my mouth. I mean.. I had already put in 9 years of this grind… why not stay and ride the wave until it swallowed me up and spit me out? BECAUSE I WAS NOT HAPPY. (Yeah, I got the job)

I took my question first to the Googles. “What do I want to be when I grow up?” I thought I was in bad shape, at 27 asking this question until I read and read some more about how many people really hate their job and that’s just life and we all just accept it. So.. on then to the Facebooks, where an old high school friend wrote “follow your passion.” If only it were just that easy (sarcastic voice as I literally mimicked that response and had to restrain from responding with 18 eye-roll emoji’s).

I mean, what the heck was I ever passionate about? I mean I like stuff… and buying stuff.. and selling stuff. But I never really was obsessed with one thing so much I could take it to the bank and say “Yo, I need a business loan so I can like play guitar, scroll through pinterest, read on reddit all day, and travel to all the places.” So… I really had to think about what makes me HAPPY.


This was a weird time in my life. I decided I had put up with more than enough and I was done settling. I made some swift decisions and really got to see some people for who they really are. I was taking Nikes advice and “just doing it” and #boom I MADE CHANGE HAPPEN. I left some people behind in this quest but I think if I would not have moved on, I would still be making all of my life decisions based on fear instead of logic.

I could do this, even if it meant doing it alone and a little scared.

In high school I was voted Best Dressed and that must say something about who I am as a person and what I might be good at? Yas? RIGHT? I don’t know what people were thinking honestly. My outfits ranged from emo punk rocker wearing Chuck Taylors, studded belts, and Weezer shirts – to wearing Business professional blazers like I was running for class president that day. Whatever, I was me then.. why was I so scared to be ME now?

I looked at my favorite shopping websites Jane, Etsy, Sassy Steals, and GroopDealz and thought “This is it…. I could so do this”. I could make or buy stuff and sell it on these online boutique platforms.  At this point, I have had some personal and business failures already, and I have learned some of those business lessons the hard way because well.. I’m a little hardheaded. I know now that I definitely do not want to make chocolates all day, or paint furniture in my cold garage, or sell tutus.

Instead I started QTcutie where I could sell my favorite finds in jewelry and other cool fashion, makeup, and trendy new items. The jewelry takes precedence because I just like it most. I wear a range of jewelry because I go from simple, and dainty every-day wear items, to bold and glam statement pieces within the day sometimes. I want to share my finds with everyone, but at a reasonable and affordable price.


I also do marketing for my day job because it helps make me feel important, and like I make a difference. Somehow, I lucked out and scored a job that uses my previous sales and marketing experience, and I get to travel to new places.Plus I have to be doing something or I get stir crazy.

I am at a place in my life where I am actually pretty darn happy working a full -time job and running QTcutie. I get some amazing help from my husband, and even my kiddo likes to help me out in the shop! Now I have taken my obsession with jewelry to the 10th degree but at least I can share that obsession with you!

Please stay tuned for more blog posts and travels with QTcutie! Ciao!



Roxanne Scarborough
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