About Us

Sweet Bee Boutique & Desserts is truly a one-of-a-kind experience, where we combine life’s greatest indulgences under one roof: Shopping & Sweets!

We opened the doors to our retail store in April of 2017 in Bridge City, Texas after selling online for three years prior. We quickly added a second retail location in Lumberton, Texas in March of 2018, a Traveling Trailer "The Beehive" in 2019, and our newest Nederland location in Feb of 2020.

The founder of Sweet Bee, Roxy Scarborough, had quickly outgrown her home office, and corporate job. Traveling often for work (sales and marketing) that left Roxy at a cross roads of wondering if sacrificing so much time away from her younger child and husband was what she had worked so hard for.

After almost 12 years in the sales or marketing industry, she took a leap of faith, and decided to just GO FOR IT! She took her 401K and invested it all into commercial kitchen equipment, and the cutest clothing, shoes, accessories, and more to open Sweet Bee.

Roxy previously wrote on a blog: “A lot of people as how I came up with the name Sweet Bee? Well I could not for the life of me come up with the right name to describe this cross-over shop. I played with logos for like 8 days straight until my eyeballs hurt - which I may have legit damaged my eyesight - but nothing was coming together. Finally, one night when reading the entire internet instead of sleeping, I saw an article about how 1/3 of food is only possible with the help of Bees and how we should be worried that they are dying out in mass. The light bulbs went off in my head - we could donate a small portion to help save the bees. We sell local honey to help support the people who keep those Bee's happy and thriving and give any money in profits right back. It just happened to be fate that Bee's make honey which is sweet and that was already on my mind. So Boom- Sweet Bee was born. The fact that there was a Bee Emoji sealed the deal and I finally could move on to the next thing.”

Sweet Bee continues to try to find other ways to give back to the local community, whether it is a small sponsorship, a donation for a benefit, teacher appreciation gifts, or even raising money for Hurricane Harvey relief, or just to help someone struggling with Breast Cancer. When afforded the luxury of contributing to help someone in need, we try to step up to the calling.

We didn’t open our doors to just flip clothing. We wanted to build a community of women who help empower each other, give back to our local communities, and offer something that no one else is. We try to offer the best in customer service, a new type of in store or online experience, and a happy BELLY and/or heart!

Get to know Roxy and our amazing employees and community of people, in our VIP Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shopsweetbee/

Or shop with us in person:

2637 Texas Avenue, Ste D, Bridge City, TX 77611

104 S LHS Dr, Ste F, Lumberton, TX 77657

2907 Nederland Ave, Ste B, Nederland, TX 77627


We can’t wait to get to know you, treat you, and help you INDULGE in the Beelicious!


Connect with Roxy:

owner Roxy

Howdy yall! I am Roxy! I am a turquoise and glitter loving, accessorizing fashionista, ninja-wife and mommy of 1. Before I became a Boutique and Dessert Boss, I worked in Sales, Social Media Marketing, and other Nerdy Computer stuff. But, I have always loved jewelry, clothes, desserts, money, and the idea of owning my own business. That was before I knew it would be so much work. But, hey, it has its perks like eating all the macarons in the display fridge before anyone else.  

I've always been a picker of sorts - and never had any problem finding those hidden gems at Ross, or the Dollar Store. As long as it was cute, I didn't care where it came from cause fashion isn't about the price tag. Its about putting it all together and making your own brand.

In fact, I was never really a boutique shopper before opening up Sweet Bee Boutique & Desserts, so when I envisioned this store, I didn't have much to go off of, other than putting stuff together that I liked, and hoping for the best.

I try to carry practical things that I would wear for work, or school, or play, and some occasion items... that are mostly affordable and still unique. I really hope all ages are able to enjoy my shop full of cute and fun fashion clothing, and Desserts. I truly enjoy being able to bring some joy into my customers lives. 

Me and my team of amazing employees try our hardest to help every single customer have a 5 star Facebook Review interaction when they walk into our shop, and for those who aren't close, we try to ship your super duper cute lovelies, from the banks of the Bayou in Bridge City, Texas, as FAST as we possibly can. 

Thanks to our wonderful customers, We have been blessed to be in business for over four years now, and keep growing from that small etsy store, to a website where we retail and wholesale, to now having three locations, a traveling trailer, and a warehouse. 

I love to interact with our customers in our Facebook VIP group, so please join me in there if you haven't yet! I am always in there trying to get to know each of you better and making sure we are on the right track! 

Feel Free to Shoutout those banging outfits and Sweet Bee swag on instagram to @ShopSweetBee and we might even feature you!