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YOU LOVE SWEET BEE and want to share it with everyone??

We are on board with that idea! 

So What is the Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is something you can sign up for if you love to share Sweet Bee with your social media followers!  If you’re a blogger or promote on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook  the affiliate program is meant for you!  You may NOT purchase items through your own affiliate link.

How Does it work?

The affiliate program gives a small percentage of any sales bought through your affiliate link.  The link stays connected for 7 days.  Example: You share a blog post with a Sweet Bee item and use your affiliate link within your blog post.  Anyone who clicks your link and purchases any patterns you will get a generous percentage of their purchase.

Sign Me Up!

You must be logged into your Sweet Bee account first.  Then click on this link: and register.  You will now be able to log into your affiliate anytime, see your link extension (this is what you add to link and connect it to your affiliate account).  As well as see how many purchases have gone through your affiliate links for that month. You will receive a paypal payment the first week of each month from


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