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A-T Smart Voice Control Robot

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A-T Smart Voice Control Robot

Ages 3 & Up

Human-Machine Interaction

Voice Recording Technology

Touch Sensitive

Dynamic Music

Comes In Red, Green & Yellow


Children Voice Recognition Robot Intelligent Interactive Early Education Robot


Voice Control Mode: A total of 10 commands, the robot makes different actions and emits different sounds according to the commands issued, including forwarding, backward, left turn, right turn, circle, jitter, sing, dance

Touch sensing mode: The robot has three touchpoints, which are the left and right sides of the head and the top.

The left and right touchpoints can be touched to control the forward and backward of the robot. Turn left and turn right.

Press and hold to adjust the volume

Touch the top touchpoint. The robot will do different actions and make different sounds

Voice repeat mode: Press and hold the top touchpoint of the robot to enter the voice repeat mode, and the robot will repeat every sentence you say

Voice message mode: Press and hold the button on the chest of the robot to record three voice messages, each of which is 8 seconds long.


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